(PART2) HOW TO SLEEP BETTER EVERY NIGHT: The science of sleep
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    (PART2)-- THE EFFECT OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION (what it will cost you).

    We cannot deny the fact that many of us are suffering from sleep deprivation in order to work more but, the poor performance out come at last will out-weigh the working benefit we claim to get.

    The statistic in United states alone is costing the community over there at least $100 billion annually based on deficiency and poor performances due to sleep deprivation. This is according to research made.

    According to Gregory Belenky, Director of the Sleep and Performance Research Center at Washington State University, “you are trading time awake at the expense of performance, unless your work does not require thought”

    Now, one is due to ask, at what time does sleep debt start accumulating? The performance decline we are talking about, when does it start to occur?

    Experts agree that, 95% of adults need to sleep 7 to 9 hours every night to function at optimal point. And most adults should aim for eight hours per night and children, teenagers and older adults should even sleep more hours than adults.
    Anything below this triggers the start of sleep debt accumulation and performance decline.


    Theory involved in cumulative sleep
    Let us assume that our health and energy is a kettle filled with water. In our day to day activities, there are things that supposed to fill this kettle up.

    And no doubt about that, sleep is the major input here. Other inputs are; feeding well (nutrition), stretching, laughter and other forms of recovery which fills up a person.

    Likewise there are forces that drain your water out of the kettle and they are known as output forces which are: relationship problems, exercising, stress from work or from schools and too many other forms of stress and anxiety.

    By properly examining the output, you will realize that the forces that drain energy out of you are not actually all negative, like, lifting weights to get good health, going to school in order to improve academically but, output forces are still output no matter whether negative or positive because, it drains energy out of your body system.

    Note this; these outputs are very cumulative in nature that, a little leak can result in significant water loss over period of time.

    1. Make sure you re-fill your kettle of water on regular bases, which means you have to make time for sleep and proper recovery.

    2. Negatively, if you allow the stressors to accumulate and drain all the energy you have in your kettle of water, immediately you hit empty, no body have to remind your body to force itself into tiredness and it will try to recover through injury and illness. Very bad!

    I do not think that the issue of recovery is negotiable, is either you make time for proper sleep and recovery now or, make time to be sick and injured latter. Remember; always keep your kettle of water full. (Keep it filled-up!)

    Assuming one hit the empty level in his/her kettle of water, then, can you catch up on sleep?

    NEXT TIME WE CONTINUE WITH: "How can one catch-up on sleep? (Possible or not)"

    Thank you and remain blessed!

    Kingsley Anyi
    Date:--2018-02-11 11:57:03

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