3 Major Supplements (and foods) For a Stronger Heart
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    Heart disease is preventable though it is one of the leading causes of death. Due to it is very well preventable this goes a long way to make heart drug supplements a big business.

    So, I have taken it upon myself as a HEALTH HABIT CONSCIOUS person to enlighten us on three supplements that I can be proud have evidence behind their benefits. Remember to-- consult your doctor before taking any supplement or food related medicine for these medication supplements and foods have medication interactions.

    VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: (Nitrates) ---
    Your risk for hypertension will be decreased by eating diet with a good nitrate-containing vegetable and can improve endothelial cell function (the cells that line the inside of your blood vessels).

    To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancers, and premature death, increase your overall vegetable and fruit intake as an added advantage.

    Although nitrates can be found in meat, but it is not the same thing as the natural nitrates from fresh vegetables and fruits, nitrates in meats potentially have what is called pro-carcinogenic elements like nitrosamines. This is as a result of various compounds in the meat which interact with it during cooking.

    GARLIC: ----
    Garlic contains hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which actively reduce blood pressure and also enhance NO (Nitrogen Oxide) signaling in the body.
    Whether part of food or as a supplement, garlic is a very cheap way to enhance hydrogen sulfide signaling in the body this in turn relaxes blood vessels and drastically lowers blood pressure according to research.

    VITAMIN K (egg yolk and fermented foods): ---
    You must have to know that a healthy artery is a flexible one. There is what is called artery calcification (this is when the artery becomes hard due to the addition of substance that contains calcium).

    This occurs when calcium adheres to the artery wall, increasing its stiffness. The stiffness of the artery is basic biomarkers of high mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases.

    Vitamin K can be broken into 3 groups: K1, K2 and K3. K1 specialized in blood clothing; K2 is responsible for regulation of calcium in our body.
    K3 is a synthetic pro-vitamin not used in human food fortification or supplementation, as it can harm your health.

    NOTE: you get k1 from eating leafy vegetables adequately. K2 provides benefits for bone health too and very useful if you take food or supplement with vitamin D and calcium with it.

    a. Adding more garlic, leafy greens, and beets to your diet is an easy first step to protect your heart.

    b. Remember — supplementation is complimentary to good nutrition, not a replacement for it (and make sure you are getting high-quality sleep and a fair amount of exercise). It is not sexy and it is not a magic pill, but that is what the evidence points towards.
    With this I can tell you that, habits is a tiny daily activities we do that accumulates within a period of time to form a routine. Be conscious of your habit in order not to form a negative one.
    Good health habits are priority to longevity. Avoid habits that encourages high mortality rate and you will thank nature for your life.

    If you never read my book about habit, please register with me here to get one for yourself,

    Best regards!
    Kingsley Anyi
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    PHONE: -- 08169702377

    Date:--2018-04-21 14:23:38
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