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    Because, it does not take more than a month, and most of us will go back to the bad habits which we claimed we have dropped. From my own life practical experience and research, I taught not to advice someone to have a New Year resolution because, it never work for 80% of us.

    Check-out, how many times have you made resolutions to stop smoking, eating junk foods, not taking action in your life (procrastination), sexual promiscuity etc.?

    All but a sudden, you saw yourself back into such bad habits, not just only back but, back in full as with seven-folds of such ill-habits emanating in your life more than ever before.

    So, I am advising we should stop deceiving ourselves and focus on reality, and that reality is what I am about to give you a brief guide in this article if you are willing to read ahead with me.

    I was a smoker for over 10 years before finally quitting the dangerous habit. And have made not less than 17 New Year resolutions to quit this habit then, all but to no avail.

    And finally, I was able to drop this habit, and do you know what helped me? I learned not to resolute with New Year but to practice habits-systems that kill it all and those habit-systems are: ----

    --- Replacing bad habits with good ones
    --- Forming trigger alerts
    --- Avoiding environments that supports my bad habits
    --- Making the good habits automatic

    Bad habits cannot be changed but can be replaced with good ones. You can only replace an already existing bad habit with good ones. And this does not happen automatically as with the case of our always failing New Year resolutions.

    That is the reason why we always fail in our habit formations thereby finding ourselves back to the ill-habits we have already wanted to drop more than ever practiced before.

    Example; if you are a smoker, replace the bad habit with non-smoking good habit. One of my friends did this and nearly ended-up creating another killing habit for himself. That is the reason why you do not become a new person when habit is replaced no! You only go back to your previous you.

    This faithful friend wanted to stop the ill-habit of smoking and after listening to my lecture, decided to always fill his pocket-bags with biscuits. Whenever he feels like smoking, he will dip his hands in there and start chewing some biscuits.

    Though, this system helped, but he almost died creating another dangerous habit altogether. I.e. eating excess junk food, look at what to do if you are a victim of smoking-habit:
     Whenever you feel like smoking, breath up and down to feel relaxed
     Then think about the danger inherent in smoking
     Finally, resort to eating something natural of smaller quantity.

    Trigger alerts are tiny reminders which seem to not matter but perform wonders for habitual formation. Those over-looked triggers work wonders.

    Example; assuming you wants to lose weight, which is the problem of most women in this part of the world, and often times they do not know how to go about it.

    Do not forget that only exercise will help you lose fat and not get de-shaped; all other methods go the extra miles of de-shaping you.

    If you want to start working-out, make a to-do-list of statements. Do not just say: “I want to start exercising” no! Rather write it like this; “I must work-out starting from Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in order to look good and healthy”.

    The difference between the two statements is that, the latter is specific with time frame. Place it at the head of your room-wall where your eyes will catch a glance of it whenever you wake-up. This may sound stupid but works wonders.

    Places do not change people, people change places. Running away to America as a no-do-well person in this country, may not guarantee sudden success for you.

    Actually, with habit formations, environment can act as a quick influencer to making you see yourself going back to your forgotten ill-habits.

    Example: becoming friend with a particular group of people who always like to chew the curd will likely make you eat excess food and get fat-up. (Take the Nigerian trailer drivers for instance; this is not to criticize but, to sight a helping example, my apology please!)

    So, during the time of habit replacement, I do not say you should discriminate rather, stay away from environmental influencers until your new habit becomes automatic that you can even talk to others about replacing theirs.

    Putting one of your arms out of service will only cause death and atrophy to the hand. And the atrophy is as a result of dis-use and not constantly applying services to the arm for constant and automatic performance.

    Tiny progress creates automatic performance. As the popular saying has it; “practice makes perfect” so, by creating trigger alerts, avoiding environment that supports the ill-habits and replacing it with good ones, with time, your new habits becomes automatic that, you do not need a reminder or trigger to let you perform.

    So, new year resolutions is a disillusion, practice tiny habits that leads to good habitual and moral life-styles and with time, your new habits becomes automatic.

    RS: if you read this article to the end, you are great. This is beneficial article and I hope you will understand that. And if you are satisfied with this kind of article that you desire to receive similar articles with time, register with me here for daily and weekly newsletter.

    Thanks and remain blessed!
    Kingsley Anyi

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