Chewing Gum, Is It A Healthy Habit And Does It Offer Any Health Benefit?
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    There are some health benefits that chewing gum can provide ranging from, improved oral health, reduce hunger and stress level, but as the case may be, some people experience increased headache from chewing gum.

    People of different calibers have chewed gums and is likely you may be chewing gum as you are reading this my post. But, are there any benefits from chewing gum and what are the detriments?


    1. Oral Health: -- this seems like one benefit chewing gum people are aware of. It improves oral health. After eating, there are food particles that get trapped in our teeth cavities and form decaying bacteria that help in decay which causes mouth odor.

    Research has it that gums are capable of picking up food particle out of our teeth cavities and stimulating saliva content which helps in wetting and freshening the mouth.

    NOTE: Chewing gum containing xylitol has shown extra benefit, since xylitol reduces levels of the acid-producing (and hence enamel-eroding) bacterium mutans streptococci.

    2. Alertness:-- according to research, students that chewed gum before cognitive events showed increased alertness and sustained attention, though one of them showed mixed results with decreased alertness but increased sustained attention.

    For your information, the process of (chewing) seems to increase overall blood flow to the brain as well as to specific brain regions, which may be the mechanism responsible for increasing attention and alertness.

    3. Anxiety; -- with a number of studies, it have been found that chewing gum reduces anxiety and stress, but a few people have found non-detectable effect.
    Though the mechanism is not fully understood, but gum chewing has been found to increase cerebral blood flow and alter brain waves, and these effects may also be influenced by gum flavor.

    4. Appetite: -- for those that formed the habit of taking too much snacks which results in excessive fatness, this benefit of chewing gum may impress you. It have been discovered that, chewing gum seems to reduce subjective appetite and reduce snack energy intake. According to another study, it reduced hunger by increasing satiety.

    NOTE: Gum chewing might trick your brain into (sort of) thinking you are eating. It increases the levels of an intestinal hormone called GLP-1, which is involved in producing the feeling of satiety.

    I have enumerated four good benefits of chewing gum, but it does not go without some detriments. Before we continue with the detriments let us join our community of subscribers to be the one first to receive my weekly newsletter before it goes public. Kindly join us here

    Below are the few detriments of gum chewing?

    1. Headaches & TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint):-- though some interesting benefits follow chewing gum there are demerits that go with it.
    In certain people, chewing gum seems to worsen headaches, and a few studies have found associations between gum chewing frequency and headache frequency.
    TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) can be headache trigger and frequent chewing of gum can be headache trigger.

    NOTE: If you are prone to tension or migraine headaches, or TMJ issues, you might want to avoid excessive gum chewing.

    TIPS: -- similar to drinking tea or coffee is gum chewing; it is a habit with potential number of research pointing on the positive effect. But, excessive chewing of gum is likely to cause harm than occasional chewing.

    If you find that gum chewing helps lower your appetite, or improve your anxiety or oral health...please, chew away!

    Thank you for reading my article!

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