How To Teach Your Children To Deal With Sex, Drugs And Potential Abusers



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    “Man is a combination of flesh, bone, blood, hair and brain cells. These are the building materials out of which he shapes, through the law of habit, his own personality.”--- THE LAW OF SUCCESS BY Napoleon Hill.

    From all indications, it is easy to form bad habits of:
    . Smoking
    .eating junk food
    . Excessive watching of TV programs
    . Womanizing or sexual promiscuity (either from male or female folks)
    . Biting your nails
    . Wriggling your fingers inside your nostril etc.

    Though we all glamor to imbibe on good moral habit most a times still we sooner or later go back to our previous bad habit and find it difficult to come out such life consuming habits.

    As the case may be, most of us do not like to---- talk about their bad habit among peers forgetting that problem shared is problem solved.

    But why?, I critically know that most of us want to live a healthy, fulfilling and remarkable life, still funny enough that, by this time next year we still go back to that ill health behavior after we must have made our New Year resolution. Then let me ask you; does it depend on resolution or process and routine of doing things?

    Why is it that you find it difficult to stick to good habitual and moral lifestyle?

    From my own perspective, I believe we all do make wrong change in our habit formation. We do the wrong thing that must have brought that change.

    In my book called " ART OF TRANSFORMING YOUR HABIT" I showed you how to make good and everlasting change in your habit which are research and scientifically based.

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    Kingsley Anyi

    Date_Posted:---2017-12-01 08:04:33