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    Everybody at work always likes to applaud him/herself for peak production at the end of a day work. But the reality is that, almost 70% of people do not achieve this peak production.

    In this article, a comfortable and supportive work environment is the solution and I am going to show you how to create one. First, you should design and furnish your work place no matter how under-value it is to you, so that it will be a place you like to be.

    It should not be a fatigue rather; it should nourish your emotion. Go to the extent of giving you the equivalent of the corner-office. Make sure there is a window, plants, artwork, music and other sustainable things.

    Below are the things you should consider: -------
    ---SOUND PROOFING :=> According to research from Columbia University, of all environmental factors, unwanted noise is the highest to cause job stress. People who work under severe noise are likely to get dis-organized than one who works in quieter environment.
    So, mask street and other unpleasant noise with back-ground music (this I do all the time) or a white noise generator. Sound-proof windows, doors, and low noise equipment.

    ---- LIGHTING :=> you should remember that, lighting is the number one contributor to high productivity. Always use natural light for best results or alternative supports like full-spectrum bulbs (less heat-emitting-bulb).

    ---- OFFICE FURNITURE :=> poor designed furniture is the root cause of uncomfortable posture and can eat away your strength to the extent of becoming easily fatigued. Please! Find well-designed and polished furniture no matter the quality of wood.

    ---- COLOR :=> do you know that colors in our environment produces strong psychological and physiological effects? This is according to research by Dr Alexander G. Schauss, a clinical psychologist, Examples of such colors are: red, blue, yellow.

    RED--- is energizing
    BLUE--- is relaxing
    YELLOW--- this stimulates thinking and creativity

    NOTE: Painting a class room wall yellow on three sides and blue in the back, makes students IQ rise to a score of an average of 12 points, and this makes the teachers to feel more relaxed.

    AROMA :=> odors we all know, affects how we feel and how well we think. Examples are peppermint odor, orange odor, lavender odor, apple odor.

    PEPPERMINT ODOR: --- stimulates productivity
    ORANGE ODOR: -- helps us to relax
    LAVENDER ODOR: -- energizes us more
    APPLE ODOR: -- help to reduce stress
    So, use flowers in port-content, incense that has these odors to treat your office to your comfort-ability.

    FRESH AIR :=> though plants make excellent decorative items, still, research have shown that the right plant can serve as air purifiers. So, place plants like spider plants, lily plants or any good plant in a water-logged-clay-pot.

    This will bring clean air, help in absorbing chemical pollutants like ozone, formaldehyde etc. generated by your computers, carpet, copy machines of all sorts.
    I wish you creative, supportive and comfortable working environment this season.

    RS: if you read this article to the end, you are great. This is beneficial article and I hope you will understand that. And if you are satisfied with this kind of article that you desire to receive similar articles with time, register with me here for daily and weekly newsletter.

    Thanks and remain blessed!
    Kingsley Anyi

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